Cassian Andor’s Costume from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Cassian Andor

A fictional character from the Star Wars universe, Cassian Andor is one of the main heroes in the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. He is played by actor Diego Luna. He works as an intelligence officer and pilot for the Rebel Alliance, and leads a group of rebels to steal the Death Star plans, a deadly weapon of the Galactic Empire. He is a courageous and faithful fighter, but also a realistic and merciless spy, who has done many dubious things for the Rebellion. He develops a connection with Jyn Erso, the Death Star’s designer’s daughter, and assists her to accomplish her father’s goal of destroying the weapon. He perishes with Jyn and his team on Scarif, after sending the plans to the Rebel fleet. He is also the main character of the series Andor, in which he revealed his past and adventures before Rogue One.

The Costume

Cassian Andor, the main character of the Star Wars prequel series Andor, has a variety of outfits throughout the show. The outfit that we will focus on in this article and which he has usually worn is the one that consists of a shirt, a jacket, a pair of pants, a belt, and a holster. This outfit is a practical and versatile choice for Cassian, as it allows him to blend in with different environments and situations. The shirt is a light-colored, long-sleeved top that can be worn under other layers. The jacket is a dark-colored, leather-like coat that has several pockets and a high collar. The pants are a matching color to the jacket, and have a cargo-style design. The belt is a thick, brown strap that holds Cassian’s holster and other accessories. The holster is a black, leather-like pouch that carries Cassian’s blaster pistol. This outfit is one of the most iconic and recognizable costumes of Cassian Andor in the series. Below we have a look at each garement in detail.


The shirt has a lemon-yellow, off-white color that gives it a sunny and cheerful appearance. The fabric is a blend of denim and cotton, which makes it durable and comfortable. The neck of the shirt is split into two parts, creating a unique and stylish split design. The collar of the shirt is simple and upright, adding a touch of elegance and formality. The shirt has long sleeves that end with plain cuffs, which can be buttoned or rolled up. The rest of the shirt is fairly simple and plain, without any patterns or embellishments, making it easy to match with other clothes.


The jacket is made of brown hard denim, which gives it a rugged and durable look. The sleeves are simple and long, and have wide and split cuffs. The cuffs are like two large flaps that fold over the wrists, adding to the charm and style of the jacket. The sleeves also have yellow colored stripes that run along their length, creating a contrast and a pop of color. The collar of the jacket is plain and upright, giving it a tough and elegant touch. On the chest area, both sides have greeblies, which are small metal or plastic pieces that add some texture and detail to the jacket. The jacket is a well-made and impressive piece of costume, that stands out and attracts attention.


The holster is a sturdy and well-made accessory that is made of calf leather. The leather is tough and smooth, and has a natural brown color. The holster is like a long belt of leather that hangs from the waist, and is secured by a large metal buckle. The buckle is shiny and silver, and has some engraved patterns on it. The holster has a slot to hold a blaster, which is a futuristic weapon that shoots laser beams. The slot is shaped to fit the blaster snugly, and has a strap to keep it in place. The holster can also be used for other purposes, such as going for outdoor adventures. The holster can hold a lot of weight, even though it is designed for a blaster. The holster has a rugged look that matches the style of the costume.


The pants of this costume have a cargo style design, which means they have large pockets on the sides and the front. The fabric of the pants is a mix of denim and cotton, which makes them durable and comfortable. The pants have four large pockets that can be used to store various items and tools. The pockets have flaps and buttons to keep them closed. The pants are straight and simple, without any patterns or embellishments. They can be worn for everyday use and other occasions, as they are versatile and practical.


The belt of this costume is a sturdy and well-made accessory that is made of a broad cotton strap. The strap is about 2 inches wide and has a natural brown color. The belt has a metal buckle that is shiny and silver, and has some engraved patterns on it. The buckle also has a slot to hold some plastic energy pellets, which are small and round and have a faux silver finish. The energy pellets are removable and can be used as props or decorations. The belt also holds Cassian’s holster and his blaster pistol, which are essential items for his missions. The belt is a practical and realistic item that matches Cassian’s role as a spy and a fighter for the Rebel Alliance. The belt is also a popular item for fans who want to cosplay as Cassian Andor, as it adds to the authenticity and charm of his costume.

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