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What is Cosplayerswap?

Put simply, Cosplayerswap is your cosplay partner. You describe it, we make it.

Who are the peoples behind Cosplayerswap?

Cosplayerswap is managed by a (very) small team of I.T Professionals. The production peoples are the real ones. Production team consists of highly professional leather craftsman, leather masters, stitchers, fabric masters, dying masters, buttons and buckles specialist and a few other peoples. These peoples are working in making jackets, gloves, coats, belts and other garments from over four decades. The peoples are highly skilled in motivated towards their work.

Can I trust you? Is my money safe?

All transactions go through PayPal for yours and our security. The tracking number and other details and provided to PayPal. In any case if you can contact us or PayPal for support.

Will you send the same as you are showing?

For sure. That’s what we are for and that’s what makes us different. The main idea behind Cosplayerswap was to build a platform that provides the buyers with the perfect cosplay stuff. Unlike other sites

Will I get any support if I didn’t get what I want or if I am not satisfied?

Sure, we are here to assist/support you if anything goes wrong with the transaction. Whether you are not satisfied with the product, the quality of the product, size etc. You can contact us for all this. Please visit the support page to find the best way to contact us.

Are you a new company?

No. We have been selling costumes for about 6-7 years and have been in clothing industry for about three decades.

Why your prices are high?

The main reason for this being the quality of the finished product. We use best in class leather, fabric or any other material. Then there goes the process of cutting and stitching. In both of these steps, the details are kept and mind and are followed the best we can. The design of the sleeves, cuffs, is one cuff different than the other is among one of many examples.

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